Version 1.0 of ePistolarium released

The major enhancements in this release of June 13th 2013:


  • The digital version of the Barlaeus correspondence was completed (both transcriptions and metadata); named entities have been recognized and identified as much as possible.
  • Minor additions to the Swammerdam correspondence.

Analysis tools

  • Topic Modeling at paragraph level: in the Similarity Search an option is added to allow the use of the topic model at paragraph level. Until now the Topic Model used the letter as unit of analysis. Expected result of the paragraph-option is enhanced focus because the number of topics in a paragraph is smaller than in a letter.
  • Also the co-citation analysis is now based on paragraphs.
  • Similarity Search is added: this tool will return the texts that are most similar to the text that was presented by the user. If topic modeling at the paragraph model is used, the similar paragraphs are highlighted in the rendered letters.
  • Transformation rules for normalizing neo-Latin have been added.
  • Spelling normalization for Dutch was added.
  • The similar Letters Tool now works for all correspondences (was limited to Grotius en Const. and Chr. Huygens).
  • Improved recognition and identification of person names. We now have annotated 124.959 person names and identified 94.553 of these. The Constantijn Huygens and the Descartes corpus are included in the co-citation analysis.
  • A ‘Give Suggestions’ option was added to the Full Text Search. Suggestions are calculated with the topic model.
  • Improved handling of duplicated letters in the analysis.


  • Time Line gives the user a visualization of the spread in time of the letters  the user selected.
  • Co-citation graph is now based on all correspondences (in the 0.4 version this was  limited to the Chr. Huygens and Descartes corpora) ; the user may broaden or narrow the scope by editing the threshold.
  • The correspondent network visualization was added, providing a view on who is writing to whom

User Interface

  • Help information for the Full Text Search was added.
  • CSV export has been added for the result list.
  • JSON export was added for visualizations.
  • Enhanced the faceted search by making facets collapsible and by adding a search  option for each facet.
  • Searches can now be saved and retrieved on your local machine.